Take your business to the next level with the Rocket plan. This plan offers a 360º Digital Marketing service with a duration of 3 months, extendable, to guarantee its viability and success. Everything you need to boost your business is here.

What do we include?

The most complete plan

Take your project, and together with us, embark on the journey to the next level. With the Rocket plan, we will take your digital asset to the moon. Through the AS IS-analysis of the project in question we will obtain the key points to manage the growth of your project towards the TO-BE model. Where we will manage not only to increase sales, but also to build customer loyalty, both existing and new entrants.
This is the most complete plan and we ensure a very noticeable growth in your digital channels.

Community management: Our community managers manage communication with clients on social networks, monitor the brand to improve online presence, and are available 24 hours a day to offer support to potential and recurring clients. They also analyse the competition to be able to apply improvements throughout the business, creating new and valuable content and maintaining a community that will grow over time.
            – Community management.
            – Management of contacts and potential clients.
            – Management of publications.

Content Marketing: This section focuses on understanding exactly what your users need to know in order to deliver the information, product or service in the most convincing and relevant way possible.
              – Content strategy.
              – Content scheduling.

Social ADS: Social media advertising is one of the best strategies to offer your brand through products or services in a more economical way, reaching different types of profiles. This service offers illustrated content creation and follow-up strategies, reports, monitoring and application of results.
               – Creative pieces.
               – Paid Media Strategy.

Influencer Marketing Management: Collaborative links between brands and companies and people with high visibility on social networks “influencers”. These are real diamonds in the rough for brands, with a lot of appeal and charisma.
            – Merchandising: Products that are sent to our influencers so that they can be promoted.
            – Paid: Hiring influencers for a monetary amount to promote a product or service within a range of time.

            – Measurement of campaign results.
            – Measurement of web/shop KPIs.
            – Measurement of social media KPIs.

            – 1 graphic piece per month.
            – Custom videos and custom images.

SEM: With this service we position your website in the first results of Google, optimising conversions and costs per click by investing in Google ads.

SEO: This proposal is a short and medium term strategy with which we organically position your website so that it remains in the top positions of search engine results.

We improve the quality of your website and online shop by incorporating new functionalities and improvements to adapt it to the new needs of your customers, improving loading times, optimising orders, rendering images, integrating logistic plugins inherent to the basic functionalities, rendering files.

Loyalty Programme: we optimise the relationship with customers by seeking brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

What do you obtain

Agencia de Marketing digital en Tenerife


You are already familiar with the digital environment and have been operating in it for some time.


You want to increase your market share and position yourself as a top 5 player in the sector you operate in.

Agencia de Marketing digital en Las Palmas


You want to manage your communities efficiently



You want to build customer loyalty and perform cross and up-selling techniques.


You need to make a qualitative leap in your digital assets.

Marketing plan

You want to boost your digital marketing plan

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A marketing team

You need a digital marketing team working for you.

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