Social Ads

Social Ads refers to advertising on social networks. This advertising is elaborated through platforms included in social networks, where we can make the ads and segment them very well. For the campaign to be optimal we need a social media marketing plan and define our strategy, this type of campaign will allow us, among other things, to increase sales, give visibility to the brand or increase the number of leads and subscribers.

How can we help you?

Study and objectives

We will be able to know what the objective of the campaign is, your target audience, which social network is appropriate, choose the best format and define the budget and duration. 


Elaboration of the necessary creatives and formats, implementation of the campaign and distribution of the budget.

Performance monitoring

We will be able to calculate things like the level of engagement of the publications, the return on investment (ROI), the cost per lead (CPL), the cost per buyer achieved (CPA) or the conversion indicator from followers to customers.

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