Social Media

Social networks are the medium through which we connect nowadays, and it is also the medium used by companies to connect with their audience. As far as professional accounts are concerned, we must know which platforms and content we are interested in depending on our activity, it is not enough to publish on all social networks and with content that does not follow a strategic line. There are tools that allow us to plan, schedule and publish coherent and quality content, in addition to achieving the frequency required by social networks.

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Media strategy and management

Defined and structured plan of the Social Media strategy, account maintenance and interaction with stakeholders.

Content creation and design

“Content is king”… I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase. With original, quality and purposeful content in your publications you will increase your notoriety and the conversion of users into customers.

Here are some statistics on Social Media in the last year (ThePowerMBA, 2020)

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